Ask anyone from Ashburton where to find Sim's Bakery and they will tell you "it's over the bridge on the Main Road in Tinwald." 
Proprietor Brian (Manny) Sim is a third generation baker based in Mid Canterbury. His grandfather, a skilled baker immigrated to New Zealand from Scotland in the late 1890's. Living originally in the North Canterbury region, Grandpappy Sim moved on to reside in Methven where he established a bakehouse. During the 1930's and 1940's, two of his sons, Stuart and Arthur ran their bakery business Sim Bros Ltd from Hinds. After a parting of the ways for the two brothers, Arthur (Brian's father) moved his Hinds business into Tinwald, on the southern side of Ashburton. From this site, Sim's Bakery has operated since 1960 and has become an institution to the people of Mid Canterbury. Several competitors operated big bakehouses in the 1960's and 1970's, however Sim's Bakery has kept in touch and up to date with their customer's requirements.
Pies were traditionally "Winter fare" as there was not a market for them in the Mid Canterbury Summer.
Nowadays pies are sold from the pie oven all year round. 1985 Arthur Sim retired and his son, Brian (Manny) and his wife, Pam took over the business. Most of Brian's sisters have worked for Sim's Bakery during their careers. Brian's sister, Judy Tuki is the friendly van driver who delivers Sim's Bakery product around Ashburton as she has done for the past 50 years.