Bread - baked fresh daily

Remember walking past the door of a bakery and taking in the distinctive smell of good, old fashioned homemade bread .....that's just the experience when you pop into Sim's Bakery. Tasty soft bread inside a yummy crust is just perfect for sandwiches, toast, rolls or a buttered bread slice to accompany soup or a winter hotpot.
Most Mid Canterbury children have grown up knowing the sensational taste of Sim's Bread.
If you haven't tried Sim's Bread - here is our current range that will suit all tastebuds:

*white  *wholemeal   
*multi grain  
*multi seed  
Shaped in large sandwich, chubby, brick, raised or vienna loaf

*focaccia   *garlic sticks  
*savoury twists - sweet chilli & onion and basil & garlic

Gluten Free Friends

Sim's Bakery is very aware of the large clientele who for some reason or other require Gluten Free baked goods. Food preparation is extremely stringent to avoid contamination.
Our bakery is proud to prepare and market the following baked lines:

* Bread - plain, savoury or cinnamon apple
* Chocolate Chip Cookies   * Sultana Biscuits   
* Bread   * Burger Buns   
* Friands 


There is nothing more comforting than a Sim's pie - topped to the rim with a delicious filling. Customers are often waiting for the shop to open at 5.00am each weekday. Who would say "no" to a lambs fry and bacon pie for breakfast! Some of the Sim's famous pie recipes have been used since the 1960's. No wonder generations of Mid Cantabrians have been raised on Sim's Pies.

Specialty Pies
*Mince   *Mince and cheese   *Mince and curry  
*Potato top   *Steak   *Steak and cheese  
*Steak and kidney   *Steak and  mushroom  
*Steak and onion   *Steak and pepper   
*Lambs fry and bacon   *Bacon and egg   *Venison    *Butter Chicken
*Chicken   *Chicken satay   *Chicken cranberry   *Pasties

Ask about our Bulk Pie Specials!

Savouries and bulk buys

Savouries are a favourite to keep in the freezer just in case a hungry troop of soldiers drop just never know when the Russian Army might arrive. Savoury types 


1 dozen mixed savouries - $9.00 per dozen

More than 4 dozen - pay just $8.00 per dozen

2 dozen frozen mixed savouries special - $15.30

Mixed savouries include savoury sausage rolls, savoury pinwheel, mince, bacon and egg, cheese and onion.

Specialty savouries also available - chilli sausage rolls,   sausage rolls, chicken savouries, potato top mince.